Szerző: Makronóm Intézet | 2023-07-13 09:38:02

Economic Monitor, June 2023

The Makronóm Institute's monthly Economic Monitor is now available in English. Highlights of the Monthly Economic Monitor:


  • - Business sentiment in Europe continued to deteriorate with economic sentiment in Germany declining sharply
  • - There is still a significant difference between EU and American stock exchange prices
  • - Based on the results of the world's largest enterprise survey, the situation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hungary has improved compared to the previous year (from 4.5 to 4.7 points), and it can be considered the best among the Visegrád countries
  • - The export capacity and complexity of the Hungarian economy is outstanding based on the ECI ranking, based on the trade complexity indicator, Hungary is ranked 14th out of 137 countries
  • - Increasing the level of digitalisation can best be achieved through development in the production area - training and the acquisition of practical knowledge can play a key role in this


The Makronóm Institute's full Economic Monitor is available in English below.


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